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Access Point FAQ

How much power do Juniper Mist APs need?

For information about the PoE and wattage requirements for each AP model, see PoE Requirements for Juniper Mist APs.

What are the mounting options for Juniper APs?

For mounting instructions, see the deployment guide for the AP model. Deployment guides are listed in Juniper Mist Supported Hardware.

How long does it take for an AP to boot and be operational?

After you connect your AP to power, wait a few minutes for it to boot completely. For detailed instructions about connecting an AP, see the deployment guide for the AP model. Deployment guides are listed in Juniper Mist Supported Hardware.

How do I apply specific RF settings to the APs across all my sites?

Use RF templates to update radio configurations for specific AP models across all sites. Set up different templates to apply model-specific settings to cover your use cases. For example, enable or disable radio bands, manage channel width, set transmission power, and configure AP antenna gain. For more information, see Radio Settings (RF Templates).

What are the antenna gains for each model AP?

For information about the antenna gain, see the datasheet for each AP model. Datasheets are listed in Juniper Mist Supported Hardware.

Can I configure an AP so that it reboots successfully even if it can't connect to the Mist cloud?

By default, an AP only keeps critical information such the Static IP (if used). In the event of a power failure, the AP needs to talk to the Mist cloud to come back up. However, if you enable configuration persistence, then the AP will remember its full configuation and can come back up without an internet connection. For help enabling configuration persistence, see Enable Configuration Persistence.

Which types of configuration changes reset the AP radios?

Some configuration changes require the affected access points (APs) to restart in order to apply the new settings. During this time, clients will be deauthenticated on the AP and thus disconnected from the WLAN for the minute or two it takes to restart. For a full list of these configuration changes, see WLAN Changes That Reset The Radio.

How do I reset an AP?

For help resetting an AP to its factory default settings, see Reset an Access Point to the Factory-Default Configuration.

What is the recommended length of the Ethernet cable for powering up and connecting the Mist APs to cloud?

We usually recommend a max length of 100 meters for the Ethernet cable between the AP and the switch port to guarantee proper function.

Can I run an Ethernet cable longer than 100 meters long while putting an Ethernet (PoE+) extender in the path?

A PoE extender is not the same as an Ethernet transceiver. With the power extender, the AP may power on but the Ethernet link will not be transmitting over such long cable. In this case, you might be getting 2 yellow blinks on the AP which indicates the AP is unable to receive Ethernet link from the switch.

What do the different AP firmware tags mean?

When looking at lists of available firmware, you'll see various tags such as production, rc2, and rc1. For help interpreting these tags, see Firmware Version Tags for Juniper Mist Access Points.