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Firmware Version Tags for Juniper Mist Access Points

Tag Definitions

The Juniper Mist™ portal displays tags to indicate the status of the firmware for Juniper Mist access points (APs).

These tags include:

  • production

  • rc2

  • rc1

The firmware version also can appear without a tag.


Example: Firmware versions list on the Upgrade AP Firmware screen

Table 1: Tag Definitions

This firmware is tested completely for the supported feature set. It is the most stable version of firmware. However, its features are limited compared to rc1 and rc2, which contain more recent features and bug fixes. Production firmware will not be modified, except to address security vulnerabilities.


This firmware has recent functionalities that are still under test. Features are complete, but we are adding critical bug fixes. This firmware is relatively stable to be deployed in the field.

rc1 This firmware is under active development. It has more recent bug fixes and functionalities than the rc2 firmware. This firmware is less stable than rc2.

This firmware is intended for demos and proof-of-concept purposes, allowing customers to evaluate certain features or functionalities. This firmware has more recent bug fixes and functionalities than the rc1 firmware.


Higher-numbered firmware contains all the fixes and features in the lower-numbered versions.

Regardless of tag status, we usually recommend a particular version for an AP model. Here's an example: