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Room Utilization Use Case


With a Juniper Mist Asset Visibility subscription, you can find assets and people, with detailed analytics based on their location. You can use asset tracking in many settings and industries (education, energy, government, health care, entertainment, retail, and more).


This scenario takes place in a busy medical clinic. The main goal is to track the doctors' use of various examination rooms. Another goal is to quickly locate a doctor's laptop if the doctor leaves it behind anywhere in the facility. You can use location data from the in-room BT11 access points (APs) and the APs that provide wireless throughout the clinic.


This scenario relies on these components:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon tags—BLE tags that are attached to the doctors' badges and the laptops. You can use any tag that meets Juniper's Guidelines for BLE Beacon Tags.

  • APs—The AP detects the signals from the BLE tags. In situations where you want BLE coverage but don't need wireless coverage, you can use BT11 APs. For best results, install the AP on the ceiling at the exact center of the room.

  • Juniper Mist location engine—The location engine in the Juniper Mist cloud processes the available information to determine the location of the BLE beacon tag. With BLE beacon tags, Juniper Mist can provide zonal accuracy, identifying the location within 3 to 5 meters.

  • Juniper Mist portal—In the portal, you’ll activate your subscription, enter names for your assets, and use Live View to track the assets.

  • Juniper Mist API—You can use the programmable API to collect the data that you need for your business goals.

  • (Optional) Third-party software—You can pull the data into your favorite third-party software and then create colorful data visualizations and reports.

Process Overview

Table 1: Asset Tracking Setup Process
Step Action More Information
1 Purchase a Juniper Mist Asset Visibility subscription, and activate it in the Mist portal.

Go to Organization > Site Configuration, and complete both of these tasks:

  • Ensure that Asset Visibility is enabled.

  • To optimize performance for asset tracking, disable vBLE Engagement. When both features are enabled, the AP must transmit and receive. Giving the AP extra tasks means that it has less time to scan for signals from your BLE tags.

3 Ensure that your APs are placed according to the "rubber band model." Rubber Band Model
4 Ensure that the floorplan includes accurate position, height, and orientation data for your APs. Floorplan Setup
5 Purchase BLE badges and assign them to your employees. Guidelines for BLE Beacon Tags
6 Name the badges so that you can quickly identify each doctor. Create Named Assets
7 Use the Juniper Mist API to collect the data that you need.

API documentation is available in the Juniper Mist portal. At the top right corner of the Juniper Mist portal, select the question icon, and then select API Documentation.