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Floorplan Setup Overview

Importance of the Floorplan

The floorplan is an essential component of location services. Your floorplan provides Juniper Mist™ with accurate information about the site and the access points (APs).

An accurate floorplan enables the location engine to generate accurate location estimates for the client devices, assets, and users at your site.

The floorplan must be correctly scaled, must include all APs, and must correctly represent their positions, heights, and orientations. If an AP is installed at your site but not represented on the floorplan, it does not participate in location services.

Video Overview

In this video, we're going to upload and scale our floor plan image . So to start, let's go to location, click Live View. Add floor plan, and let's give it a meaningful name. In this case, I'll give you guys a template called company name, floor, Let's call it n. Click okay. Upload image. And my image happens to be in downloads. It could be in any folder that you choose. Click upload. Okay.

So a couple of important points about the image itself. You want to make sure that it's either a PNG image a GIF image or a JPEG, and then also you want to make sure that you don't have a lot of white space around the image. In this case, I have large looking buffer right here. This is just part of what we show in the dash board. The actual image itself is contained to about this rectangle that I'm drawing out right there. So there's not a lot of white space .Okay.

So now let's scale the image. So let's click setup floor plan, click set scale, and drag and drop between two points. So now what I'm doing here is I'm selecting two points that I know the distance between in real life. And I have very high confidence that I know that the distance between these two points is twelve point one five meters. So now I'm gonna click right here and say enter a new length twelve point one five and click okay and click done.

And then once we've saved the image, that's all we need to do. You just need to know two points that you know the distance between and then entering that value like I just did. Now click save and that's it. Now we've uploaded and we have scaled our image.

Process Overview

To implement the scenario, do these tasks.

Table 1: Floorplan Setup Process
Step Action More Information
1 Add a floorplan to a site—You can upload an image or import a complete floorplan from Ekahau or iBwave. Manually Upload Your Floorplan

Import a Floorplan

2 Scale the floorplan. Scale a Floorplan

Add elements such as access points, location zones, and wayfinding paths.

Add Location Zones to a Floorplan

Adding Wayfinding Paths to a Floorplan


Validate your floorplan.

Validate Your Floorplan