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Configuring Diameter Profiles

The Diameter profile provides network access information for the Diameter application.


To make a change to a Diameter profile, you must be in maintenance mode. (See Changing PCEF Profiles, PCC Rules, PCC Rulebases, Diameter Profiles, Flow Descriptions, and PCC Action Profiles).

To configure the Diameter profile:

  1. Create the Diameter profile for the Gx application (gx-profile).
  2. Set up the target for the profile.
  3. Specify the destination realm associated with the target.
  4. Specify the priority associated with the target.

    The prioritization determines failover or load-balancing behavior. For load balancing, configure the targets with the same priority.

  5. Specify the network element associated with the target.
  6. (Optional) Specify the destination host associated with the target.