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Diameter Profiles Overview

The Diameter profile provides network access information for the Diameter application. The Diameter profile specifies prioritized targets, or endpoints, for particular applications. The target specifies the destination realm, network element, and priority associated with the target.

Target selection is based on priority. A lower number has a higher priority. For load balancing, targets have the same priority.

From the prioritized list of targets for a Diameter profile, the target is selected as follows:

  • The target with the highest priority (lowest number) is selected.

  • In the event of a tie, where the priority is the same, target selection alternates among the peers with the same priority.


Failover handling depends on what enables the policy for the application. Switching between targets based on priority, such as failing over between primary and secondary online charging servers, only occurs if the failover handling policy enables it.

After you configure the Diameter profiles, the Diameter applications can reference them. For example, when configuring transport profiles for online charging, you can associate the configured Diameter profile with the transport profile to interact with the online charging server. Similarly, when configuring profiles for provisioning Policy Charging and Control application rules, you can associate the configured Diameter profile with the policy and charging enforcement function (PCEF) profile to interact with the policy and charging rules function (PCRF).