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Configuring Subscriber-Aware and Application-Aware Traffic Treatment Overview

To configure subscriber-aware and application-aware traffic treatment:

  1. Configure service PICs and session PICs.
  2. (Optional) Identify Layer 7 applications.
    1. Install application signature packages.

      See Downloading and Installing Predefined Junos OS Application Signature Packages.

    2. Configure custom application signatures.

      See Configuring Custom Application Signatures.

  3. (Optional) Configure HTTP header enrichment.
  4. Configure a policy enforcement method.
  5. Configure the policy enforcement for an IP-based subscriber. An IP-based subscriber session handles traffic for one unique user IP address.
  6. Configure the policy enforcement for an IFL-based subscriber. An IFL-based subscriber session handles all the traffic received on a specific set of interfaces.
  7. Apply services to a subscriber.
  8. (Optional) If you configured dynamic policy control, configure Diameter.