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Configuring Diameter Overview

If you are using a PCRF to dynamically control subscriber-aware policies, you must configure Diameter.

To configure Diameter for PCRF-controlled subscriber-aware policies:

  1. Configure the remote peer to which the MX Series router sends Diameter messages.
  2. Identify the session PIC and PIC interfaces for a Diameter network element.
  3. Configure the peers in a Diameter network element.
  4. Configure network access information in a Diameter profile.
  5. (Optional) Specify the Diameter attribute-value pairs (AVPs) to include and exclude in the credit control request (CCR) messages.
  6. Configure the Diameter transport.
  7. Configure the information to be advertised in Diameter messages.
  8. Configure the maximum number of pending requests for a Diameter application.
  9. Configure the endpoint node that originates Diameter messages.