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Additional Features

Support for the following features has been extended to these platforms.

  • MACsec on logical interfaces (EX9208).

    [See Media Access Control Security (MACsec) over WAN.]

  • MACsec with 256-bit cipher suite (EX4400).

    [See Understanding Media Access Control Security (MACsec).]

  • OpenConfig authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) configuration support (ACX5448, ACX5448-M, ACX5448-D, ACX710, EX2300, EX2300-MP, EX2300-C, EX2300-VC, EX3400,EX3400-VC, EX4100-48MP, EX4100-24MP, EX4100-48P, EX4100-48T, EX4100-24P, EX4100-24T, EX4100-F-48P, EX4100-F-24P, EX4100-F-48T, EX4100-F-24T, EX4100-F-12P, EX4100-F-12T, EX4300-MP, EX4300VC, EX4400-24MP, EX4400-24P, EX4400-24T, EX4400-24X, EX4400-48F, EX4400-48MP, EX4400-48P, EX4400-48T, EX4600-VC, EX4650, EX4650-48Y-VC, EX9204, EX9208, and EX9214)

    [See Mapping OpenConfig AAA Commands to Junos Operation.]

  • On-box monitoring support on the control plane (EX Series, QFX Series, and SRX Series)—The memory monitoring system monitors the system memory and raises a major or minor alarm using the set system monitor memory system alarm command statement on the devices. The alarm is raised when the device is running low on memory.

    [See Memory (System).]

  • Support for flexible cross-connect on EVPN-VPWS (MPC10, MPC11, MX304, and MK10K-LC9600)

    We support the following flexible cross-connect (FXC) operation in an Ethernet VPN–virtual private wireless service (EVPN-VPWS):

    • Interoperability with access routers that are configured for either VLAN-aware or VLAN-unaware FXC services

    • VLAN demultiplexing on single and dual VLAN tags

    • Support for single label use per EVI for VLAN-aware and VLAN-unaware FXC services

    [See Overview of Flexible Cross-Connect Support on VPWS with EVPN.]

  • Supported transceivers, optical interfaces, and DAC cables—Select your product in the Hardware Compatibility Tool to view supported transceivers, optical interfaces, and direct attach copper (DAC) cables for your platform or interface module. We update the tool and provide the first supported release information when the optic becomes available.

  • Support for PTP transparent clock (EX4400-EM-1C)—The transparent clock computes the variable delay as the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) packets pass through the switch or the router. The client clock can use this information to account for a delay due to queueing or buffering.

    The uplink module does not support the PTP transparent clock if the EX4400 chassis is on the Virtual Chassis mode.

    [See PTP Transparent Clocks.]

  • Support for timing SyncE (MX304)—We now support the timing SyncE.

    [See Understanding the Time Management Administration Guide and profile-type.]

  • Broadband network gateway (BNG) support—We support BNG on MX304 router and MX480 router with MPC10E for interface-shared filters and ADFs.

    [See Interface-Shared Filters Overview, adf (Dynamic Firewalls).]

  • Support for DHCP functionality on MX304—We support the DHCP functionality (Server, relay, and client features for DHCP versions 4–6)) on MX304.

    [See DHCP Relay Agent.]

  • Support for hybrid mode (Synchronous Ethernet and Precision Time Protocol) over LAG (MX10008 with JNP10K-LC480 line card)

    [See Hybrid Mode.]

  • Support for platform infrastructure, fan and power management (EX4400-24X devices) – [See EX440 Hardware Guide.]