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License Notifications for JSA Appliances

License Expired

38750123 - An allocated license has expired and is no longer valid.


When a license expires on the console, a new license must be applied. When a license expires on a managed host, the appliance continues to process events and flows up to the rate that is allocated from the shared license pool.

When the license contributes EPS and FPM capacity to the shared license pool, the expiry might force the shared license pool into a deficit where it does not have enough capacity to meet the requirements of the deployment. In a deficit situation, JSA blocks access to capabilities on the Network Activity and Log Activity tabs is blocked.

User Response

  1. Determine which appliance has the expired license.

    1. On the Admin tab, click System and License Management.

    2. In the Display box, select Licenses.

      Expired licenses are shown in the License Information Messages section.

  2. If the expired license is on the console, replace it.

  3. If the expired license is on a managed host, review the shared license pool to ensure that the system has enough EPS and FPM capacity.

    1. If the shared license pool is over-allocated, replace the expired license with a new license that has enough EPS and FPM to meet the system capacity requirements.

    2. If the license pool has enough capacity, delete the expired license. In the License table, select the row for the expired license (shown nested beneath the managed host summary row), and select Actions >Delete License.

License Near Expiration

38750124 - A license is nearing expiration. It will need to be replaced soon.


The system detected that a license for an appliance is within 35 days of expiration.

User Response

No action is required.

Process Monitor License Expired or Invalid

38750044 - Process Monitor: Unable to start process: license expired or invalid.


The license is expired for a managed host. All data collection processes stop on the appliance.

User Response

Contact your sales representative to renew your license.