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QFX10016 Installation Overview

The QFX10016 is a rigid sheet-metal switch-chassis that houses the other hardware components such as Control Boards, Switch Interface Boards (SIBs), power supplies, fan trays, and line cards. The switch chassis ships in a cardbox box that has a two-layer wooden pallet base. The switch chassis is bolted to the pallet base. You can install a QFX10016 switch in a standard 19 in. (483 mm) equipment rack by using the supplied rack mount kit and the flanges that are attached to the chassis.

The steps to install the QFX10016 are:

  1. Unpack the switch following the instructions in Unpacking the QFX10016 Chassis.
  2. Mount the chassis in the rack following the instructions in Mounting a QFX10016 in a Four-Post Rack Using a Mechanical Lift.

    Because of the weight of the chassis, manual mounting is not recommended.

  3. Install the line cards following the instructions in Installing a QFX10000 Line Card.
  4. Connect the chassis to earth ground following the instructions in Connect the QFX10008 or QFX10016 to Earth Ground
  5. Connect power to the power supplies following either the instructions in Connect AC Power to a QFX Modular Chassis or Connect DC Power to a QFX10008 or QFX10016.
  6. Connect to the network.
  7. Configure the switch, following the instructions in Performing an Initial Configuration of a QFX10000.
  8. Install optional equipment such as the SATA SSD or the cable management system. See Installing the Optional SATA Solid State Drive in a QFX10000 and Installing the QFX10000 Cable Management System.