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QFX10016 Chassis Lifting Guidelines

The weight of a fully loaded QFX10016 base AC configuration is approximately 522 lbs (336.8 kg) and 596 lbs (270.34 kg) for the redundant AC configuration. Similarly, the weight of a redundant DC configuration is 591 lbs (268.1 kg). Observe the following guidelines for lifting and moving a QFX10016:


To avoid serious injury, do not attempt to move the QFX10016 without a mechanical lift.

  • Before installing a QFX10016, read the guidelines in QFX10008 Site Preparation Checklist to verify that the intended site meets the specified power, environmental, and clearance requirements.

  • Before moving the QFX10016, disconnect all external cables.

  • When raising the QFX10016 into the rack using a mechanical life, have one person lift and align the switch with the rack while another person secures the switch to the rack.