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DC Power Cable Specifications for the MX2010 Router

The cable lugs attach to the terminal studs of each PDM (see Figure 1 and Figure 2).


The MX2010 supports 4-AWG DC power cable lugs for 80-A input, and 6-AWG DC power cable lugs for 60-A input.

Figure 1: 4-AWG DC Power Cable Lug4-AWG DC Power Cable Lug
Figure 2: 6-AWG DC Power Cable Lug6-AWG DC Power Cable Lug

Before you install the router, a licensed electrician must attach a cable lug to the grounding and power cables that you supply. A cable with an incorrectly attached lug can damage the router.


The router is a pluggable type A equipment installed in restricted access location. It has a separate protective earthing terminal (Metric [–M6] and English [–¼-20] screw ground lugs) provided on the chassis in addition to the grounding pin of the power supply cord. This separate protective earth terminal must be permanently connected to earth.

Table 1 summarizes the specifications for the DC power cables, which you must supply.

Table 1: DC Power Cable Specifications

Cable Type

Quantity and Specification


Eighteen pairs of 4-AWG (21.2 mm2), used with 80-A PDM. Minimum 90°C wire, or as required by the local code.

Eighteen pairs of 6-AWG (13.3 mm2), used with 80-A PDM. Minimum 90°C wire, or as required by the local code.


You must ensure that power connections maintain the proper polarity. The power source cables might be labeled (+) and (–) to indicate their polarity. There is no standard color coding for DC power cables. The color coding used by the external DC power source at your site determines the color coding for the leads on the power cables that attach to the terminal studs on each PDM.