Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA)

The Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) program establishes an ongoing relationship between academic institutes and Juniper Networks to support a range of technology studies.

The purpose of the Academic Alliance program (JNAA) is to establish an ongoing relationship between Juniper Networks and leading universities, colleges and other academic institutes that are known to specialize in studies of engineering, software development, microelectronics, and telecommunication.

Five Modules: To Ensure the Best Fit for Your Institute

The program recognizes that one size does not fit all and that there may be specific areas of interest that your institute focuses on in its current activities. To that end, the program is designed in a modular manner, as shown in the figure above, with institutes being able to choose those areas in which it makes most sense for them to engage. We invite you to explore the different modules by clicking ‘Prospective JNAAs’, to learn which modules apply to your unique needs.

Discover how this exciting alliance can increase the relevance of your academic institute by offering students exposure and experience with an industry leading network operating system.

List of current Academic Alliance partners.