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Monitor and Troubleshoot Device and Network Health

Paragon Insights gathers and analyzes configuration and telemetry data from your network devices. You can view this data and monitor the status of your network in real-time by using the Paragon Automation UI.

To view and monitor the status of your network devices, and troubleshoot issues:

  1. View statistics and status information of devices (vendor-wise), device group health, list of networks and their health, and status of network groups. This information is displayed in a carousel as widgets on the Dashboard page. For more information, see About the Dashboard Page.

  2. Create and view charts, graphs, and other visuals to help you organize and understand device and network data by using:

  3. Generate health reports to view information on device and network health, device-related hardware and software specifications, and alarm statistics. For more information, see Generate and View Health Reports.

  4. To troubleshoot device and network issues, you can use built-in diagnostics tools to:

    • Diagnose problems after initial setup and validate the basic functionality of Paragon Insights. For more information, see Use the Self Test Tool.

    • Determine whether the devices that you added to your network are up and reachable. For more information, see Use the Reachability Test.

    • Verify that the data ingest methods, such as OpenConfig, iAgent, and SNMP, are applied on network devices to ensure data collection and monitor the flow of traffic. For more information, see Use the Ingest Test Tool.

    • Identify why a device or a rule displays a “no-data” status. For more information, see Use the No-Data Tool.