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Generate and View Health Reports

Paragon Insights gathers and analyzes configuration and telemetry data from your network devices. You can view this data in real-time, and also generate health reports by using the Paragon Automation UI. Health reports provide information on device and network health, device-related hardware and software specifications, and alarm statistics.

To generate and view health reports:

  1. Configure a report schedule.

    You can set the date, time, duration, type, and number of times a report is generated from the Scheduler Settings page. For more information, see Configure Scheduler Settings.

  2. Set report destination.

    You can configure settings to either send a copy of a health report over email or save a copy on the server from the Destination Settings page. For more information, see Configure Destination Settings.

  3. Configure report settings.

    You can configure report settings to generate a report on-demand, determine the report format, and so on. For more information, see Configure Report Settings.

  4. View and download the latest health reports from the Health Reports page. You can download health reports only if the destination type for a report is set to disk. For more information, see View and Download Health Reports.

  5. (Optional) Compare the differences between two health reports. For more information, see Compare Differences in Health Reports.