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Configure Destination Settings

Use the Destination Settings page to configure where you want to send a report. You can send an email of the report, and also save a copy of the report on the server.

To configure destination settings:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration > Insights Settings page, and click theDestination tab.

    The Destination Settings page appears.

  2. Click add destination setting (+) icon to configure new destination settings.

    The Add Destination page appears.

  3. Enter the following information:
    Table 1: Configure Destination Settings



    Destination Name

    Enter a name for the destination setting.

    The destination setting name cannot be changed after the settings have been deployed.

    Destination Type

    Select the destination type.

    Options: email, disk.


    Enter the email address to which the report must be sent.

    This text box is displayed when you select Email as the destination type.


    Using the email option also saves a copy of the report to disk.

    Max Reports

    Specify how many versions of the report is stored on the server.

    Default value: 5

    Older reports are deleted as newer reports are generated and saved.

    This text box is displayed when you select disk as the destination type.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save to only save the configuration to the database without applying changes.

      You must commit (or rollback) the configuration changes later. For more information, see Commit or Roll Back Configuration Changes in Paragon Insights

    • Click Save and Deploy to save configuration changes to the database and to apply the changes.