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Archiving and Purging Jobs in Security Director

The Archive/Purge Jobs page enables you to archive and then purge jobs. You can purge jobs before a specified date and time. Jobs can be archived locally (on any node that is in the UP state) or to a remote server. When you archive jobs locally, the archive files are stored in the default /var/lib/mysql/archive directory on the active Junos Space node. When you archive jobs to a remote server, the archive files are stored in the directory that you specify.

To archive and purge jobs:

  1. Select Monitor > Job Management.

    The Job Management page appears.

  2. Click the Archive/Purge icon.

    The Archive / Purge Jobs page appears.

  3. Specify the jobs to be archived and purged according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  4. Click OK.

    A job is triggered and you are taken to the Job Management page. After a few seconds, the Job Detail: Job Archive and Purge page pops up displaying details of the job.

  5. Click OK to close the Job Details page.

    You are returned to the Job Management page.

Table 1: Archive/Purge Jobs Settings



Archive Jobs Before

Specify a date and time (in MM/DD/YYYY and HH:MM:SS formats) before which jobs should be archived and purged.


You specify the time in the local time zone of the client computer, but the jobs are purged according to the time zone configured on the Junos Space server.

Archive Mode

Specify whether jobs are archived locally (on the active node) or on a remote server.

Job Type

Select the job type from the list to archive jobs of that type, or select the All option to archive all jobs, and then purge them from the database.

Jobs that are already initiated or completed in Junos Space appear in the Job Type list. Jobs that are in progress or scheduled are not archived


Enter the username of the user on the remote server.


Enter the password of the user on the remote server.

Confirm Password

Reenter the password of the user on the remote server.

Remote Server IP Address

Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 address of the remote server.

  • Depending on whether the Junos Space fabric is configured with only IPv4 addresses or both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, Junos Space Platform allows you to enter an IPv4 address or either an IPv4 or IPv6 address respectively for the remote server.

  • The IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that you use must be valid addresses. Refer to for the list of restricted IPv4 addresses and for the list of restricted IPv6 addresses.

Remote Server Directory

Enter the full path of the directory (ending with /) on the remote server where the jobs will be archived.


The directory must already exist on the remote server.

Purge jobs from all accessible domains

Select this check box to purge jobs from all domains to which you have access.


Specify whether the archive and purge operation should be run immediately or later.

If you specify that the operation should be run later, you must specify a start date and time (in MM/DD/YYYY and HH:MM:SS 24-hour or AM/PM formats) for the archive and purge operation.