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Using Job Management in Security Director

Before You Begin

Use the Job Management page to view all jobs that have been scheduled to run or have run from Junos Space Security Director. By default, jobs are sorted by the Scheduled Start Time column. Depending on your user account settings, you can view all jobs or only your jobs.

To use the Job Management page:

  1. Select Monitor > Job Management.

    The Job Management page appears.

  2. Use the guidelines provided in Table 1 to learn about the page.
Table 1: Job Management Page Actions



View the details of a job

Double-click a job or click the Detailed View icon that appears when you mouse over the job to view the details of that job.

The Job Details page appears displaying the details of the audit log. See Viewing the Details of a Job in Security Director.

Archive and purge audit logs

Click the Archive/Purge icon in the toolbar to purge jobs after archiving them.

The Archive/Purge Jobs page appears. See Archiving and Purging Jobs in Security Director.

Cancel jobs

Select one or more scheduled or in-progress jobs. From the right-click or More menu, and select Cancel Jobs. See Canceling Jobs in Security Director.

Reassign Jobs

Reassign scheduled or recurring jobs of one user to another user. See Reassigning Jobs in Security Director.

Reschedule a job or modify the recurrence settings of a job

Reschedule a scheduled job or modify the recurrence settings of a job. See Rescheduling and Modifying the Recurrence of Jobs in Security Director .

Retry on Failed Devices

Retry jobs that did not complete successfully on devices on which they were configured to re-run. See Retrying a Failed Job on Devices in Security Director.