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Overview of Jobs in Security Director

A job is an action that is performed on any object that is managed by Junos Space, such as a device, service, or user. The Job Management page lets you monitor the status of jobs that have run or are scheduled to run in Junos Space. Jobs can be scheduled to run immediately or in the future.

Depending on the settings in your user account or remote profile, you can view only your own jobs or all jobs.


A user with the Super Administrator or Job Administrator role assigned can view all jobs triggered by all users.

Junos Space maintains a history of job status for all jobs. When a job is initiated from a workspace, Junos Space assigns a unique ID to that job, which serves to identify the job (along with the job type) on the Job Management page. The following is a list of some of the job types supported in Security Director:

  • Discover Network Elements

  • Audit Log Archive/Purge

  • Export Roles

  • Export Device Configuration

  • Add Application

  • Resync Network Elements

  • Role Assignment

  • Delete Device