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Juniper Connected Security Building Blocks

Juniper Connected Security is Juniper’s open and extensible cyber security platform that leverages cloud economics to integrate, centralize, and automate defense from today’s sophisticated threat landscape. Juniper Connected Security automatically and dynamically detects and responds to threats as a whole ecosystem rather than as an individual entity. Because a network is only as secure as its weakest link, every physical and virtual element in a Juniper Connected Security platform becomes an active participant (policy enforcement point) in detecting or containing threats across any environment.

The building blocks of Juniper Connected Security are:

  • Detection

  • Enforcement

  • Management and visibility

Figure 1: Building Blocks of Juniper Connected SecurityBuilding Blocks of Juniper Connected Security

Why Develop Juniper Connected Security ?

Current network practices and architectural models were becoming less effective and more difficult to operate. In particular, the security continuum was moving from firewalls to next-generation firewalls (NGFW). However, the future of securing the network required a new approach and change in mindset to shift from NGFW to Juniper Connected Security.

Figure 2: Change in MindsetChange in Mindset

Architecture, technology, and market transitions aligned and provided the timely environment used to reinvent secure networking and develop Juniper Connected Security.