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SUMMARY Use the information in this chapter to get started with security options such as 802.1X, MAC RADIUS authentication, integrations, and access policies.

What Do You Want to Do?

Table 1: Top Tasks

If you want to...

Use these resources:

Use a RADIUS server to authenticate users

Juniper Mist supports IEEE 802.1X security for WPA2 and WPA3. You can also set up CoA/DM and RadSec.

Enable WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise (802.1X) Security on a WLAN

Use MAC address authentication

You can use this option with any security type.

MAC Address Authentication By RADIUS Lookup

Use preshared keys to authenticate users

With preshared keys (PSK), clients must present a secure passphrase to connect to the wireless network. You can also leverage PSKs for onboarding users to the SSID.

Preshared Keys

Integrate with third-party products

Integrate with Aruba Clearpass, JumpCloud, Cisco ISE, or Hotspot 2.0.


Configure access policies

Set up rules to allow or deny access to resources on the network.

WxLAN Access Policies

Monitor and remove potential security threats

Juniper Mist detects rogue, neighbor, and honeypot APs. These are unauthorized devices operating on or near your network, often with the goal of stealing data or monitoring communications.

Rogue, Neighbor, and Honeypot Access Points

Use Juniper Mist Access Assurance for secure network access control for your wired and wireless networks.

Juniper Mist Access Assurance Guide