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Explore Juniper Mist Features

Now that your wired network is up and running, explore other Juniper Mist™ features to meet your business needs.

Here are some features we think you'll find especially helpful.

  • Switch Dashboard—Track the switch performance against compliance parameters. See:

  • Wired Service Level Expectations (SLEs)—Use the SLE dashboards to assess the network's user experience and resolve any issues proactively. See Wired Service-Level Expectations (SLEs).

  • Port Profiles—Port profiles provide a convenient way to manually or automatically provision switch interfaces. See Port Profiles Overview.

  • Campus Fabric—Juniper Networks campus fabrics provide a single, standards-based Ethernet VPN-Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN-VXLAN) solution that you can deploy on any campus. You can deploy campus fabrics on a two-tier network with a collapsed core or a campus-wide system that involves multiple buildings with separate distribution and core layers. To get started, see Which Campus Fabric Topology to Choose.

  • Group Based Policy—A group-based policy (GBP) helps you achieve microsegmentation and macrosegmentation, for example to secure data and assets, in Virtual extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) architecture. See Group-Based Policy Configuration Overview (Mist).

  • Virtual Chassis—The Virtual Chassis technology enables you to connect multiple individual switches together to form one logical unit and to manage the individual switches as a single unit. See Virtual Chassis Overview (Juniper Mist).