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Wayfinding Use Case


With virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE)-equipped Access Points (APs), a Juniper Mist User Engagement subscription, and the Juniper Mist SDK, you can integrate turn-by-turn wayfinding into your on-site customer engagement applications.

You can implement wayfinding at large-scale locations such as conference centers, sporting events, theme parks, museums, hospitals, department stores, and universities. Wayfinding helps your app users find their way to rooms, events, and products.

See more information about the Juniper Mist User Engagement Subscription.


For this scenario, let's imagine that your professional association is hosting a large conference at a busy convention center. You want to integrate wayfinding into an app that attendees can use to find their conference rooms, dining facilities, and other important locations.

This is a great example of an indoor wayfinding experience. Here they just want to find the business center. A customer used the Mist SDK to create a mobile app for their visitors.

Start walking, but since these are long hallways they probably won't be staring at the phone the entire time. And there you go.


Juniper Mist uses the following devices and systems to compute location precision.

  • Access Points—APs with the vBLE antenna array transmit BLE signals and broadcast BLE Beacons.

    For more information, see Access Points for Location Services.

  • Mobile Devices—Mobile devices use Bluetooth to listen to BLE beacons broadcast from APs.

    For more information, see Broadcast BLE Beacons.

  • Mobile Device Application with Juniper Mist SDK—The SDK (in the mobile app) receives data from the AP and sends that data to the cloud.

    For more information, see Juniper Mist SDK.

  • Juniper Mist Cloud—The cloud takes the data that the device sends and runs it through the Location Engine. The Location System then returns the location wayfinding information to the user on the mobile application.

Process Overview

To implement the scenario, do these tasks.

Table 1: Wayfinding Setup Process
Step Action More Information
1 Purchase a Juniper Mist User Engagement subscription, and activate it in the Juniper Mist portal.
2 Ensure that vBLE Engagement is enabled for the site.

vBLE Engagement is enabled by default after you activate your User Engagement subscription.

Enable Bluetooth Based Location Services
3 Ensure that the Live View floorplan includes accurate position, height, and orientation data for your APs. Floorplan Setup
4 Add wayfinding paths to the floorplan. Adding Wayfinding Paths to a Floorplan
5 Obtain the Juniper Mist SDK and integrate it into your customer-facing mobile application. Juniper Mist SDK
6 Configure push notifications to provide feedback and information to customers as they pass through specific areas on their route. Configure Push Notifications for User Engagement