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remote-access (Juniper Secure Connect)


Hierarchy Level


Configure remote access settings.

You must configure the remote client settings on SRX Series Firewall to facilitate auto configuration for Juniper Secure Connect remote clients.

When a remote client downloads Juniper Secure Connect application, the application establishes an HTTPS connection with the security device. All authenticated clients fetch the configuration file from the security device and establish a VPN tunnel. This step eliminates the need for the remote clients to configure parameters for certificate identifier parameters, remote access client settings, and IKE and IPsec parameters on their device to establish a VPN connection.



Define Juniper Secure Connect remote client configuration parameters.


Configure the compliance rules for the Juniper Secure Connect client’s connection request


Configure default profile. On your security device, you must specify one of the remote-access profiles as the default profile.


Starting in Junos OS Release 23.1R1, we’ve hidden the default-profile option at the [edit security remote-access] hierarchy level. In releases before Junos OS Release 23.1R1, you use this option to specify one of the remote-access profiles as the default profile in Juniper Secure Connect. But with changes to the format of remote-access profile names, we no longer require the default-profile option.

We’ve deprecated default-profile option—rather than immediately removing it—to provide backward compatibility and a chance to make your existing configuration conform to the changed configuration. You’ll receive a warning message if you continue to use the default-profile option in your configuration. However existing deployments are not affected if you modify the current configuration. See default-profile (Juniper Secure Connect).


Define global parameters for Juniper Secure Connect remote access configuration.


Configure remote user connection profiles for the Juniper Secure Connect clients.


Configure remote access tracing operations for Juniper Secure Connect.

The remaining statements are explained separately. See CLI Explorer.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 20.3R1.

Support for prelogon compliance rule is added in Junos OS Release 23.1R1.

Support for application bypass is added in Junos OS Release 23.1R1.

Usage of default-profile options is not allowed starting Junos OS Release 23.1R1.