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client-config (Juniper Secure Connect)


Hierarchy Level


Define Juniper Secure Connect remote client configuration parameters. The parameters define how Juniper Secure Connect client establishes VPN tunnel with your security device.



Name of configuration object name.


Enable biometric authentication.

domain-name Define the set of search domain name. As a system administrator, you can configure the set of search domain name that the Juniper Secure Connect application will use to handle DNS lookups. This is applicable to both full tunnels and split tunnel configurations.

You can provide more than one search domain names by executing the set security remote-access client-config name domain-name domain-name multiple times. When you enter more than one domain name, it automatically adds a separator (comma) to that value. The number of domain names are limited to the total number of characters and must not exceed 1023 characters. For example, the two domain names, consumes 27 characters while consumes 11 characters.

Range: 0-1023 characters including comma.


Set one of the following connection mode for clients:

  • Values:

    • always—Connect to the VPN automatically when user logs in to remote client device. In always mode, the first VPN connection established when the user clicks the "Connect" button. After that, whenever VPN connection gets disconnected without manual intervention, the client device always attempts to re-establish the connection automatically.

    • manual—Connect to the VPN manually.

  • Default: manual


Enable dead-peer-detection on the client.


The time between DPD probe messages in seconds.

  • Default: 60 seconds


Maximum number of DPD retransmissions.

  • Default: 5


Disable dead-peer-detection on client


Disable EAP-TLS IKEV2 method.


Disable tcp encapsulation.


Specify windows logon options.

The remaining statements are explained separately. See CLI Explorer.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 20.3R1.

Support for domain-name option at the [edit security remote-access client-config name] hierarchy level added in Junos OS Release 22.1R1.