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traceoptions (Juniper Secure Connect)



Hierarchy Level

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 20.3R1.


Configure remote access tracing operations for Juniper Secure Connect. By default, messages are written to /var/log/file-name file. The default file name if not configured is ravpn_trace.


filenameName of file in which to write trace information.
filesMaximum number of trace files.

Default: 3

Range: 2 through 1000

matchRegular expression for lines to be logged.
no-world-readableDon't allow any user to read the log file.
sizeMaximum trace file size.

Default: 128k

Range: 10 KB through the maximum file size supported on your system.

world-readableAllow any user to read the log file.
flag flag—Tracing operation to performTracing operation to perform.


  • all—Trace everything

  • cli-configuration—Trace CLI configuration events

level levelTracing level. The following values are supported:
  • brief—Brief debugging output

  • detail—Detailed debugging output

  • extensive—Extensive debugging output

  • verbose—Verbose debugging output

no-remote-traceDisable remote tracing.

Required Privilege Level