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Understanding PCEF Profiles

A policy and charging enforcement function (PCEF) profile defines whether policy and charging control (PCC) rules for a subscriber are under static control, under dynamic control of the policy and charging rules function, or under activation/deactivation control of a RADIUS server by using the static-policy-control, dynamic-policy-control, or aaa-policy-control statement, respectively, in the PCEF profile configuration. The PCEF profile also identifies the predefined PCC rules and rulebases that the subscriber can use, and assigns a precedence value to each predefined rule. A subscriber is assigned a PCEF profile during the TDF subscriber session setup. See Understanding Selection of Policy-Control Properties for an IP-based TDF Subscriber.

A PCEF profile with dynamic policy control requires a Diameter Gx profile, which provides network access information for the Diameter application.

A PCEF profile with RADIUS server control requires an AAA profile, which provides the policy control attributes for RADIUS servers