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Configuring a Policy and Charging Enforcement Function Profile for Junos OS Subscriber Aware Static Policies

A policy and charging enforcement function (PCEF) profile configured for static policy control specifies that policy and charging control (PCC) rules are provisioned by the Junos Subscriber Aware PCEF with no interaction from the policy and charging rules function (PCRF).


To make a change to a static PCEF profile, you must be in maintenance mode. (See Changing PCEF Profiles, PCC Rules, PCC Rulebases, Diameter Profiles, Flow Descriptions, and PCC Action Profiles).

Before you configure a PCEF profile for static policies, you must do the following:

  • Configure service data flow filters for PCC rules.

  • Configure PCC action profiles for PCC rules.

  • Configure PCC rules.

  • (Optional) Configure PCC rulebases.

To configure a PCEF profile for static policies:

  1. Specify a name for the PCEF profile.
  2. Specify one or more PCC rules and a precedence for each rule for static policy control. A lower precedence value indicates a higher precedence.
  3. Specify one or more PCC rule bases for static policy control.