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Understanding Static Time-of-Day PCC Rule Activation and Deactivation

With static time-of-day policy and charging control (PCC) rules activation and deactivation, you can specify a schedule for activating and deactivating PCC rules or rulebases within a static PCEF profile. The rule or rulebase activation and deactivation settings take effect for subscribers assigned to that static PCEF profile.

The activation and deactivation settings can consist of the time of day, the day, and the month of the year. The day can be expressed as a day of the week, as a numbered day of the month, or as the last day of the current month. If a day is not specified, then the rule activation and deactivation occurs daily at the specified times. If you configure a day of the month, you can also configure a month of the year.

If a day is not specified and the deactivation time of day setting is earlier than the activation time of day setting, then a rule is deactivated the day after it is activated.

If a time zone is configured on the router, the time-of-day settings apply to the configured time zone and are adjusted for transitions to and from daylight saving time.

You cannot use static time-of-day settings for dynamic PCC rules.