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Configuring an FCoE-FC Gateway Fibre Channel Fabric

Fibre Channel (FC) fabric configuration consists of creating a unique name and identifier for each FC fabric you want to create and configuring it as an FCoE-FC gateway.

You can create a maximum of 12 FC fabrics on a QFX3500 switch. After you create a fabric, you can create and assign interfaces to the fabric, configure FIP parameters for the fabric, and set proxy traceoptions.

To configure an FC fabric using the CLI, specify a unique name and identification number for the fabric:

  1. Configure the fabric name and fabric ID:


    Changing the fabric name or the fabric ID causes all logins to drop and forces the ENodes to log in again.

    For example, to configure an FC fabric with the name fab_ulous and the fabric ID 10 (the range of fabric-id values is 1 through 4095):

  2. Configure the fabric as a gateway fabric:

    For example, to configure the FC fabric with the name fab_ulous as a gateway fabric: