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Assigning Interfaces to a Fibre Channel Fabric

When you configure the switch as an FCoE-FC gateway, you assign one or more (up to 12) native Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces and at least one FCoE VLAN interface to each FC fabric. FC interfaces transport native FC traffic between the proxy gateway and the storage area network (SAN) FC switch. FCoE VLAN interfaces transport FCoE traffic between FCoE-capable servers and the gateway.

Each FC fabric needs both types of interfaces to transport traffic between FCoE servers on the Ethernet network and FC storage devices in the core FC network behind the FC switch. FCoE traffic between the FCoE servers and the gateway must travel in a dedicated FCoE VLAN. Native FC traffic passes between the gateway and the FC switch on the native FC interfaces.

You must configure the FC interfaces and the FCoE VLAN interfaces that you assign to a particular fabric on the same Juniper Networks QFX3500 Switch. Traffic between an FCoE device and the FC switch must ingress and egress the same gateway.

To assign core-facing native FC interfaces and a server-facing FCoE VLAN interface to an FC fabric, configure a fabric and then specify the interfaces:

  1. Assign the native FC interfaces to the FC fabric:
  2. Assign an FCoE VLAN interface to the FC fabric:

For example, to assign the native FC interfaces fc-0/0/0.0, fc-0/0/1.0, and fc-0/0/2.0 and the FCoE VLAN interface vlan.100 to an FC fabric named san_tana: