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  • Support for native IPv6 in carrier-of-carrier VPNs (ACX Series, MX Series, and QFX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 23.1R1, you can configure LDP and IGPs using IPv6 addressing to support carrier-of-carriers VPNs. Junos OS supports native IPv6 prefix exchanges in the carrier-of-carriers deployments.

    [See Carrier-of-Carriers VPNs, LDP Native IPv6 Support Overview,, and LDP Configuration.]

  • Passive mode tunneling support for MX-SPC3 (MX240, MX480 and MX960)—Starting in Junos OS Release 23.1R1, we support passive model tunneling on the MX-SPC3 Services Processing Card. You enable this feature to allow IPsec tunneling of malformed packets bypassing the usual active IP checks.

    [See Configuring IPsec VPN on MX-SPC3 Services Card.]