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Additional Features

We have extended support for the following features to the platforms shown in parentheses:

  • HMAC-SHA-2 authentication support for users of SNMPv3 USM (ACX7100-32C, ACX7100-48L, ACX7509, ACX7024, PTX1000136MR, PTX10003, PTX10004, PTX10008, PTX10016, QFX5130-32CD, QFX5700, and QFX5220)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.4R1, you can configure HMAC-SHA-2 authentication protocols for users of the SNMPv3 user-based security model (USM) with the following new CLI configuration statements:

    • authentication-sha224

    • authentication-sha256

    We’ve introduced these statements for local-engine users at [edit snmp v3 usm local-engine user username] and for remote-engine users at [edit snmp v3 usm remote-engine engine-id user user-name].

    [See authentication-sha224 and authentication-sha256.]

  • Inband Flow Analyzer (IFA) 2.0 transit node support (QFX5130-32CD, QFX5220-32CD, QFX5220-128C, and QFX5700)

    [See Inband Flow Analyzer (IFA) 2.0 Probe for Real-Time Flow Monitoring.]

  • NETCONF and shell sessions over enhanced outbound HTTPS (ACX7100-32C, PTX10001-36MR, PTX10003, PTX10004, PTX10008, PTX10016, QFX5130-32CD, and QFX5700)

    [See NETCONF and Shell Sessions over Enhanced Outbound HTTPS.]

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring (RPM) and Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) support (QFX5130-32CD, QFX5220, and QFX5700)

    [See Understanding Using Probes for Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Understand Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol.]

  • Supported transceivers, optical interfaces, and direct attach copper (DAC) cables—Select your product in the Hardware Compatibility Tool to view supported transceivers, optical interfaces, and DAC cables for your platform or interface module. We update the HCT and provide the first supported release information when the optic becomes available.

  • Support for displaying load balancing decision result for L3 unicast traffic (PTX10001-36MR, PTX10003, PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016)

    [See show forwarding-options load-balance.]