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Additional Features

We've extended support for the following features to these platforms.

  • Real-time performance monitoring (RPM) IPv4/IPv6 client with Routing Engine and Packet Forwarding Engine timestamping, RPM IPv4/IPv6 server with Packet Forwarding Engine timestamping, Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) managed IPv4 client and server, TWAMP Light IPv4/IPv6 client and server (ACX710 and ACX5448)

    [See Understanding Using Probes for Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Understand Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol.]

  • RPM-tracked static routes (ACX710 and ACX5448)

    [See rpm-tracking and show route rpm-tracking.]

  • Supported transceivers, optical interfaces, and direct attach copper (DAC) cables. Select your product in the Hardware Compatibility Tool to view supported transceivers, optical interfaces, and DAC cables for your platform or interface module. We update this tool and provide the first supported release information when the optic becomes available.