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Services Applications

  • Inband Flow Analyzer (IFA) 2.0 (QFX5120-48Y and QFX5120-32C)—In Junos OS Release 21.4R1, we've introduced support for IFA 2.0 on QFX Series switches. IFA 2.0 monitors and analyzes packets entering and exiting the network. You can use IFA 2.0 to monitor the network for faults and performance issues. IFA 2.0 supports both Layer 3 and VXLAN flows.

    With IFA 2.0, you can collect various flow-specific information from the data plane, without the involvement of the control plane or the host CPU. IFA collects data on a per-hop basis across the network. You can export this data to external collectors to perform localized or end-to-end analytics.

    IFA 2.0 contains three different processing nodes:

    • IFA initiator node
    • IFA transit node
    • IFA terminating node

    [See Inband Flow Analyzer (IFA) 2.0 Probe for Real-Time Performance Monitoring, inband-flow-telemetry, show services inband-flow-telemetry, and clear inband-flow-telemetry stats.]