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Debug JET Applications

Use this topic to debug JET applications.

Debugging Tips

  • For debugging applications on a device running Junos OS, you can configure the trace file option with the edit system services extension-service traceoptions statement. You need to enable this statement on the Junos OS device before writing the sample applications.

  • The Junos service process (jsd) is supported only on the Routing Engine running in primary mode. It is not supported on the backup Routing Engine.

  • To eliminate any firewall issues, use an on-device application to test.

  • For notification applications, verify that your client IP source address (the address from which the connection is established) is added to the list of allowed clients in the jsd notification configuration.

  • Ensure that the maximum number of notification connections does not exceed the number configured on the device. Use the following command to see the clients:

How to Invoke the Debugger During Install

For non-daemonized applications that run on the router, you can invoke the debugger at the same time that you install the application. To load your application along with the debugger:

  1. Use the Junos OS CLI to invoke the debugger and install the application at the same time.
  2. Enter help to display a list of the supported commands.
  3. Use the debugger commands as needed by typing help <topic>.

Issue: Cannot Connect to jsd

Use this procedure if your application cannot connect to jsd.

  1. Check whether jsd is up and running on the Junos OS device using the following command:
  2. If jsd is not up, restart jsd. Choose from the following options:
    • gracefully—Gracefully restart the process.

    • immediately—Immediately restart (SIGKILL) the process.

    • soft—Soft reset (SIGHUP) the process.

    • |—Pipe through a command.

  3. If jsd is up, verify the configuration is present on the device using the following command:

    You should see the configuration in the output. If you do not, redo the configuration.

  4. If the configuration is present, verify jsd is listening on configured port 51051:

    You should see a matching entry.

  5. If you do not see a matching entry, restart jsd.