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Configuring EVPN over Transport Class Tunnels

Use transport class to define the transport tunnels that offer the same type of service. You can apply the transport class to tunnels based on the customer's required traffic service, such as low-latency or high-bandwidth traffic. We support EVPN over transport class tunnels. For example, we can have an EVPN network with different types of service and use different colors to identify the different transport class. We can use gold to identify a transport class for the low-latency traffic and bronze to identify the transport class for all other traffic. By mapping the colors to the different tunnels, the device maps the EVPN packets to the configured next hop for the transport tunnel.

We support the following EVPN services over transport tunnels:




You can configure EVPN over transport class tunnels on top of an existing underlay network. The basic steps for configuring EVPN over transport class tunnels are:

  1. Define the transport class at the ingress or egress node. For this example, we define a gold and bronze transport class and assign community values to them.

  2. Provision the transport tunnel and assign the tunnel to a specific transport class at the ingress node of the tunnels.

  3. Configure policies to import and export traffic.
  4. Configure EVPN services.