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Tunneling and BA Classifiers

BA classifiers can be used with GRE and IP-IP tunnels on the following routers and switches:

  • EX Series switches

  • M7i and M10i routers

  • M Series routers with E-FPC or EP-FPC

  • M120 routers

  • M320 routers

  • MX routers

  • T Series routers


MPCs do not support BA classifiers on gr- interfaces. Use multifield classifiers instead.

When a GRE or IP-IP tunnel is configured on an incoming (core-facing) interface, the queue number and PLP information are carried through the tunnel. At the egress (customer-facing) interface, the packet is queued and the CoS bits rewritten based on the information carried through the tunnel.

If no BA classifier is configured in the incoming interface, the default classifier is applied. If no rewrite rule is configured, the default rewrite rule is applied.


For GRE and IP-IP tunnels, IP precedence and DSCP rewrite marking of the inner header do not work with more than eight forwarding classes.