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traffic-class (Tunnels)


Hierarchy Level


Configure a static ToS/Traffic Class value in the IPv4/IPv6 header, respectively, of a GRE tunnel. This can be useful, for example, when you want to apply a different classification to port-mirrored traffic than the source traffic.

This setting overrides ToS reflection set by copying the inner IP header’s ToS value to the outer IP packet header.


If rewrite rules are configured on the egress WAN interface, those rewrite rules will overwrite this setting. Therefore the traffic-class setting only makes sense when no rewrite rules are configured.



The value represents the entire 8-bit differentiated services (DS) field in the IP header, and should be chosen based on the desired DSCP/IP precedence value. For example, if a DSCP value of 111000 is desired, then configure the traffic-class value to be 224 (corresponding to 111000 00).

  • Range: 0-255

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced before Junos OS Release 11.2R1.