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Providing Accurate Scheduling for a Demux Subscriber Interface of Aggregated Ethernet Links

Unlike VLAN subscriber interfaces, enabling link protection is not required for configuring hierarchical CoS on demux interfaces. Instead, we recommend that you enable targeted distribution on the demux interface to provide accurate scheduling for the aggregated Ethernet links.

  1. Enable targeted distribution for the demux interface.
  2. Enable hierarchical scheduling on the link aggregation bundle.
  3. (Optional) Enable module redundancy to ensure that CoS resources are provisioned for the aggregated Ethernet links if a module or a link fails. By default, link redundancy is supported.
  4. (Optional) Configure rebalancing periodically or manually for the subscribers. See Configuring Rebalancing of Demux Subscribers in an Aggregated Ethernet Interface.
  5. Attach static or dynamic traffic shaping and scheduling parameters at the aggregated Ethernet logical interface or its underlying physical interface. See: