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Applying Traffic Shaping and Scheduling to a Subscriber Interface in a Dynamic Profile

After you configure the traffic shaping and scheduling CoS parameters in a dynamic profile, you apply them to an interface. The output traffic-control profile enables you to provide traffic scheduling to the interface.

To apply CoS attributes to an interface in a dynamic profile:

  1. Specify that you want to apply CoS attributes to an interface in the dynamic profile.
  2. Configure the interface name and logical interface using a variable, and apply the output traffic-control profile to the interface.

    You can use one of the following methods to specify the output traffic-control profile you want to use:

    • Reference the $junos-cos-traffic-control-profile predefined variable. At subscriber login, subscriber management takes one of the following actions, in the order listed:

      1. If RADIUS is being used and it returns a value for the traffic-control profile, subscriber management uses the RADIUS value.

      2. If RADIUS is not being used, subscriber management uses the default traffic-control profile (which is specified by the predefined-variables-default statement at the [edit dynamic-profiles] hierarchy).

        For example:

    • Explicitly reference the name of the traffic-control profile.

      For example: