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Configuring Rebalancing of Demux Subscribers in an Aggregated Ethernet Interface

In a targeted distribution model, the system allocates demux subscriber interfaces equally among the member links in the aggregated Ethernet interface. When links are removed, affected subscribers are redistributed among the active remaining backup links. When links are added to the system, no automatic redistribution occurs. New subscribers are assigned to the links with the fewest subscribers (which are typically the new links).

During normal network operations, the system maintains an even balance of traffic among the links in a bundle, even as subscribers log in and out. However, if the distribution of a bundle becomes uneven (for example, when a link goes down for a period of time and new subscribers are logging in), you can perform a manual rebalance of the bundle. In addition, you can configure periodic rebalancing of the bundle with a specific interval.

Configuring Periodic Rebalancing of Subscribers in an Aggregated Ethernet Interface

If subscribers are frequently logging in and logging out of your network, you can configure the system to periodically rebalance the links based on a specific time and interval.

To configure periodic rebalancing:

  1. Access the aggregated Ethernet interface for which you want to configure periodic rebalancing.
  2. Configure the rebalancing parameters for the interface, including the time and the interval between rebalancing actions.

Configuring Manual Rebalancing of Subscribers on an Aggregated Ethernet Interface

To manually rebalance the subscribers among the links in an aggregated Ethernet bundle with targeted distribution:

  • Issue the request interface rebalance command: