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Understanding Named Templates in Junos OS Automation Scripts

Junos OS provides several named templates that can be used in commit, op, event, and SNMP scripts to more easily accomplish scripting tasks on devices running Junos OS. The named templates reside in import files, which are included with the standard Junos OS installation available on switches, routers, and security devices running Junos OS. Table 1 summarizes the Junos OS named templates.

For information about using named templates in automation scripts, see Using Named Templates in Junos OS Automation Scripts.

Table 1: Junos OS Named Templates



Supported in Python Scripts


Generate an <edit-path> element suitable for inclusion in an <xnm:error> or <xnm:warning> element.

jcs:emit-change  (XSLT/SLAX)

jcs.emit_change  (Python)

Generate a persistent or transient change to the configuration.



Emit a simple comment that indicates a change was made by a commit script.


Search a file for all instances matching a specified regular expression and write the matching strings and corresponding lines to the result tree.


Make structured changes to the Junos OS configuration using an op script.


Generate a <statement> element suitable for inclusion in an <xnm:error> or <xnm:warning> element.