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Understanding Automation Script Support on the QFabric System Director Devices

Junos OS automation consists of a suite of tools used to automate operational and configuration tasks on network devices running Junos OS. The automation tools, which leverage the native XML capabilities of the Junos OS, include commit scripts, operation (op) scripts, event policies and event scripts, and macros.


Event policies and event scripts are not supported on the QFabric system at this time.

The QFabric system supports Junos OS automation scripts that are written in Stylesheet Language Alternative Syntax (SLAX) version 1.0.

Commit scripts automate the commit process and enforce custom configuration rules. You can use commit scripts to generate specific errors and warnings, and customize configurations and configuration templates. When a candidate configuration is committed, it is inspected by each active commit script. If a configuration violates your custom rules and the scripts generate an error, the commit fails. If the commit is successful, any configuration changes (both transient and permanent) are incorporated into the active configuration before it is passed to the Director software, which distributes the configuration to all applicable QFabric system components, including Node devices and Node servers.

Op scripts automate operational and troubleshooting tasks. Op scripts can be executed manually from the Junos OS CLI or NETCONF XML management protocol, or they can be called from another script.

The QFabric system supports the following automation script features:

  • Commit scripts and op scripts

  • Scripts written in SLAX version 1.0

The QFabric system has the following requirements when using automation scripts:

  • Scripts are configured and deployed from the Director group. Since there is more than one Director device in a Director group, scripts must be deployed by each Director device or deployed in the shared media space.

  • Scripts are stored in the shared media at this location: /pbdata/mgd_shared/partition-ip/var/db/scripts. Under this directory, commit scripts are stored in the commit subdirectory, and op scripts are stored in the op subdirectory.

  • Scripts are not stored in flash memory.