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Configure Event Policies to Ignore an Event

You can modify a policy to cause particular events to be ignored or to cause all events to be ignored during a particular time interval, to allow for maintenance for example. To configure such a policy, include the following statements at the [edit event-options] hierarchy level:

In the events statement, you can list multiple events. To view a list of the events that can be referenced in an event policy, issue the set event-options policy policy-name events ? configuration mode command:

Some of the system log messages that you can reference in an event policy are not listed in the output of the set event-options policy policy-name events ? command. For information about referencing these system log messages in your event policies, see Use Nonstandard System Log Messages to Trigger Event Policies.

In addition, you can reference internally generated events, which are discussed in Generate Internal Events to Trigger Event Policies.

If one or more of the listed events occur, a system log message for the event is not generated, and no further policies associated with this event are processed. If you include the ignore statement in a policy configuration, you cannot configure any other actions in the policy.