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Use Nonstandard System Log Messages to Trigger Event Policies

Some of the system log messages that you can reference in an event policy are not listed in the output of the set event-options policy policy-name events ? command. These system log messages have an event ID and a message attribute. Event IDs are based on the origin of the message, as shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Event ID by System Log Message Origin

Event IDs



Messages from Junos daemons and utilities


Messages from the kernel


Messages from Physical Interface Cards (PICs) and Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPCs)


On a TX Matrix router, messages from a line-card chassis (LCC)


On a TX Matrix router, messages from a switch-card chassis (SCC)

To base your event policy on the event types shown in Table 1, include the events event-id statement and the attributes-match statement with the event-id.message matches "message" attribute at the [edit event-options policy policy-name] hierarchy level:

For example, the following event policy references a KERNEL system log message. The event policy executes the raise-trap action only if a KERNEL event containing a message that matches "exited on signal 11" occurs.