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Junos Space Platform Workspaces Overview

In Junos Space Network Management Platform, the different tasks that you can perform are categorized into workspaces. The task tree on the left side of a Junos Space Platform page is expanded by default and displays the different Junos Space Platform workspaces and the tasks that you can perform in each workspace.


When you log in to Junos Space, the Applications list displays Network Management Platform by default. You can expand this list to see the installed Junos Space applications.

You can collapse the task tree to the left by clicking the double left arrow (<<) button and expand the task tree by clicking the double right arrow (>>) button.

The first item in the task tree is Dashboard, which provides you access to the Junos Space Platform Dashboard page. After this, the list of the workspaces available in Junos Space Platform are displayed; these workspaces are described at a high level in Table 1.


If you select a Junos Space application from the Applications list, the task tree for that application is displayed. This topic describes the workspaces for Junos Space Platform; for the tasks in Junos Space applications, refer to the documentation for Junos Space applications.

You can expand any workspace by clicking the expansion symbol (+) to the left of its name. When you do so, the next level of the tasks for that workspace is displayed; some items at the second level might contain further sub-tasks.

You can expand as many workspaces or tasks as you like; previously-expanded ones remain open until you collapse them. The design of the task tree enables you to easily navigate across the different Junos Space Platform workspaces and tasks.

Table 1: Junos Space Platform Workspaces

Workspace Name



Manage devices, including adding, discovering, importing, and updating them. For more information, see Device Management Overview.

Device Templates

Create configuration definitions and templates used to deploy configuration changes on multiple Juniper Networks devices. For more information, see Device Templates Overview.

CLI Configlets

CLI Configlets are configuration tools provided by Junos OS that allow you to apply a configuration to a device easily. For more information, see CLI Configlets Overview.

Images and Scripts

Deploy, verify, enable, disable, remove, and execute scripts deployed to devices. For more information, see Scripts Overview.

Download a device image from the Juniper Networks Software download site to your local file system, upload it into Junos Space, and deploy it on one or more devices simultaneously. For more information, see Device Images Overview.


Generate customized reports for managing network resources. For more information, see Reports Overview.

Network Monitoring

Perform fault monitoring and performance monitoring of managed devices and fabric nodes. For more information, see Network Monitoring Workspace Overview.

Configuration Files

Maintain backups of device configuration in the Junos Space Platform database. For more information, see Managing Configuration Files Overview.


Monitor the progress of ongoing jobs. For more information, see Jobs Overview.

Role Based Access Control

Add, manage, and delete users, custom roles, domains, and remote profiles, and manage user sessions. For more information, see Configuring Users to Manage Objects in Junos Space Overview.

Audit Logs

View and filter system audit logs, including those for user login and logout, tracking device-management tasks, and displaying services that were provisioned on devices. For more information, see Junos Space Audit Logs Overview.


Add network nodes, back up your database, manage licenses and applications, or troubleshoot. For more information, see Junos Space Administrators Overview, Maintenance Mode Overview, and other topics related to the Administration workspace.