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Junos Snapshot Administrator Overview

Junos® Snapshot enables you to capture and audit runtime environment snapshots of your networked devices running the Junos operating system (Junos OS). You can capture and validate the operational status of a device and review operational changes to a device. You create configuration files that define the scope of snapshots and customize the evaluation criteria for the snapshot data.

Junos Snapshot Administrator can perform the following functions on either a single device or list of devices running Junos OS:

  • Take a snapshot of the runtime environment on a device.

  • Compare two snapshots.

  • Audit a device’s runtime environment against pre-defined criteria.

For example, prior to a software or hardware upgrade on a device, you can take a pre-install and post-install snapshot of the device and then compare the two snapshots. You can then review the operational changes on the device and validate these changes from a list of expected changes.

To be successful in using Junos Snapshot Administrator, you need a basic understanding of Junos OS operational mode command output in an XML format. You also need familiarity with XPath expressions. For more information about the Junos XML structure and XPath expressions, see the Juniper Networks Day One book Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy at . For additional information about XPath, review the W3Schools XPath website at