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Installing Junos Snapshot Administrator

You install Junos Snapshot Administrator on a remote server within the networking environment. Prior to installing Junos Snapshot Administrator, ensure that the remote server meets the following minimum requirements:

  • 32-bit or 64-bit CentOS 5.5 or later operating system

    For more information about installing the CentOS software on your server, see the CentOS website at .

  • getopt (GNU enhanced) program is installed

    The getopt (GNU enhanced) utility is a common utility that is usually (but not always) installed as part of the basic CentOS installation process. For more information about installing this utility, see the installation instructions for the CentOS operating system.

Prior to using Junos Snapshot Administrator, ensure that you satisfy the requirements for SSHv2 connections with devices running Junos OS.

The procedure for installing Junos Snapshot Administrator and the requirements for SSHv2 connections with devices running Junos OS are outlined in the following sections.

Installing Junos Snapshot Administrator

Before you begin, ensure that you have the following on the remote server:

  • Administrator privileges

  • Internet access

To install Junos Snapshot Administrator:

  1. Access the download page at
  2. Select the software tab.
  3. Download the Junos Snapshot Administrator .rpm file to the remote server.
  4. Install the package on the remote server.
  5. Validate the Junos Snapshot Administrator installation.

    You might need to restart the shell in order for the system to recognize the new command.

    Junos Snapshot Administrator should output information about the tool syntax and options. If you did not get the expected output, correct the Junos Snapshot Administrator installation before going any further.

Satisfying Requirements for SSHv2 Connections

The NETCONF server communicates with client applications within the context of a NETCONF session. The server and client explicitly establish a connection and session before exchanging data, and close the session and connection when they are finished.

Junos Snapshot Administrator accesses the NETCONF server using the SSH protocol and uses the standard SSH authentication mechanism. To establish an SSHv2 connection with a device running Junos OS, you must ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • The client application has a user account and can log in to each device where a NETCONF session will be established.

  • The login account used by the client application has an SSH public/private key pair or a text-based password.

  • The client application can access the public/private keys or text-based password.

  • The NETCONF service over SSH is enabled on each device where a NETCONF session will be established.

For information about enabling NETCONF on a device running Junos OS and satisfying the requirements for establishing an SSH session, see "Controlling the NETCONF Session" in the NETCONF XML Management Protocol Developer Guide.

For information about NETCONF over SSH, see RFC 4742, Using the NETCONF Configuration Protocol over Secure SHell (SSH), which is available at .